Socialized medicine

So apparently, according a recent Facebook meme, I’m not a “decent fucking human being” because I’m not “on board with free health care.”

I’m also not on board with unicorns. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing as “free health care.”

Socialized medicine “works” by underpaying doctors and rationing care. A private health care provider or insurance company that continually under performs loses customers to competitors. Of course private providers try to cut costs, but it’s a balancing act — performing too poorly loses as much money as not controlling costs. When government is the payer, priority shifts to maintaining costs, not providing care, and fraud is inevitable: “An array of outside contractors used by the government is poorly managed, rife with conflicts of interest and vulnerable to political winds, according to interviews with current and former government officials, contractors and experts inside and outside of the administration.” (NY Times)



United Kingdom:

“NHS delays leave thousands facing long wait for wheelchairs”

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