Political childishness

So this week the main concerns of politically oriented social media appear to be:

  • How a woman sat on a couch (left wing outrage).
  • Who sat when during a speech (right wing outrage).

To which I must inquire: seriously?

Let’s see what’s going on that’s kind of important:

  • Multiple aggressive nations, with crazy leaders who wish us harm and the ones without nuclear weapons working hard to get them.
  • We are a nation without a real immigration policy.
  • We don’t know how to pay for health care nationwide.
  • We don’t know how to put our working population to work.

What becomes clear is these outrages aren’t about what’s good for the country, but some sort of political counting coup, good — for now — for stirring up people who agree with you but not changing the hearts and minds of anyone else.

There was a time when the system that allowed a minority party to push the majority to the center was called checks and balances. Now it’s “obstructionism” which is the political equivalent of “Waah, I can’t get my own way!”

Every group of people has wacko outliers that are going to say or do stupid stuff. They don’t actually represent the group. So maybe we could stop supporting the latest outrage and encourage our politicians to govern the old fashioned way — respect, discussion, compromise. You know, the boring stuff that has little entertainment value but is actually good for the country.